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March 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Spring! 


It’s been such a long winter, and although we have certainly faced some challenges here in New England over the past few months (snow, snow, and more snow!), for the most part for me it was a quiet, calm and pleasant period of downtime. I was able to enjoy the off-season of my photography business doing things that I truly enjoy - spending lots of quality time with my family, taking photographs, cooking some fabulous meals from new cookbooks that I love, doing a little bit of travel, and of course lots of yoga. I even decided to take a “Facebook break” which was actually much easier than I thought it would be!


As I am currently enrolled in a photography class at Chiller Photography in West Newbury, the assignment for my week in Paris this past February revolved around “street photography” - observing and capturing images of everyday life in Paris.  Each image tells a story about a simple moment in time. It takes a great deal of patience to slow down and observe what is happening all around you. It is particularly challenging because life in a busy city such as Paris happens quickly! What makes street photography so compelling to me is that it provides a reference to a specific time and place. When I really stopped to look around, I saw things that were funny, sad, sweet, even sometimes difficult to witness...but what these moments all have in common is that they are all part of real life. It will be so interesting some day, many years from now, to look back on these images as part of history, and observe how much things will have changed over time. I have included some of my favorite street photos below.


As for the other half of the French 75 Photography wedding team, Stacy has been thoroughly enjoying her off-season time as a newlywed! In a beautiful ceremony last December, Stacy wed her longtime love, Tony. It was such a perfect day in every way, and I will take this opportunity to once again congratulate my dear friends. I was so happy to be there to witness such a wonderful event. 


Downtime is now behind us, and the month of April will officially usher in our wedding season here at French 75 Photography with two fabulous couples saying "I do."  We’ll be busy shooting several weddings right into the fall of 2015, and, of course, Senior portrait season will be starting up again before we know it! There’s so much to look forward to as we head into a warmer, brighter and greener time of the year. 


Wishing you all a wonderful Spring season,