THE WEDDING ALBUM | A Family Heirloom

June 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Today is the 52nd anniversary of my parent’s wedding day. Sadly, my dad passed away almost 8 years ago, but my parents were fortunate to spend 44 years of their lives together. Those years had many ups, downs and everything in between! They had 4 children, and raised us with so much love (and lots of discipline)!  In later years they were blessed with 9 grandchildren that they absolutely adore and a legacy that will live on forever. 


During a recent visit with my mom, we decided to take a look at their wedding album together. As we flipped through the pages filled with gorgeous black & white film images, I realized that this album is a well-worn, beloved piece of our family’s history.  It tells the story of my mom & dad’s beginnings together as a young couple in love. My mom was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen, and my dad looked so handsome on his wedding day! 


I have such fond memories of looking at my parent’s wedding album as a young girl with my sisters, enjoying seeing the pictures of so many of our relatives and my parent’s friends in their younger years. Seeing these photographs now, I realize the significance of these images, as many of the precious loved ones on those pages have since passed on. 


As a wedding photographer in the digital age, I understand and appreciate the many benefits of sharing our images through electronic devices. My artistic goal as a photographer is to make classic, beautiful imagery that will stand the test of time. Wedding albums are such a powerful and meaningful way of preserving those images for generations. Every viewer that holds the physical album in their hands enjoys a very personal experience when they turn the pages. The experience may trigger a memory of the day, or perhaps a fondness for those seen on the pages. For so many reasons, a wedding album is truly a family heirloom.


Here are some photographs I took during my "walk down memory lane" with my mom. 


My mom holding her favorite photograph from the wedding album.


My parents' beautiful wedding rings. After my dad's passing, my mom had his wedding band made into a heart. She wears it on a necklace every day.